MIPP Program

In response to demand for policy analysts and practitioners with an international vision, SIRPA has built a two-year MA program in International Public Policy (IPP). This program combines multiple strengths. First, China, after decades of rapid development, is now the world's second largest economy. In addition to expanding domestic demand for policy experts, China has also been an active partner in global public affairs. Second, Shanghai is China's economic capital and a vibrant global city. It has China's first Free Trade Zone and accommodates the headquarters of the BRICS New Development Bank.

The IPP program welcomes students with diverse academic backgrounds, such as social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering, among others. The program emphasizes strong analytical capacities, quantitative skills, policy orientation, and an international vision. Training in IPP will prepare students for leadership and analytical positions in public, private, and nonprofit organizations in or out of China. It also sets a solid foundation for further Ph.D. studies.


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