Social services


Due to its strong faculty team and high quality scientific research, the school is able to provide services for the development of China’s economy, society and global engagement through theoretical, strategic and policy studies and participation in policy consultation commissioned by the government.

The school launched a professional MPA program (Master of Public Administration) in 2000. In 14 years, it has trained more than 3,000 talented public servants in the government of Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong, as well as the General Administration of Customs of China. They are growing as elite professionals and middle-or high-level administrators in the government.

In addition to regular education programs, the school has made proactive efforts to meet the increasing demands for professionalization from the civil service. It has provided dozens of executive training programs for all kinds of government officials, in order to advance their professional skills.

The school also helps its full-time students develop practical skills and adaptability, while strengthening their sense of social responsibility by organizing various social activities and services.