About us

The School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) at Fudan University can trace its history back to the Department of Political Science first established in 1923. In 1964, the Department of International Politics was set up as one of the three earliest departments in the field in China. The Department started with one major – International Politics – which focused on the domestic politics and external relations of developed countries.

China’s reform and opening-up have promoted the substantial development of the Department. The Department restarted the major of Political Science in 1980, and initiated the majors of Political Education and Public Administration in 1984 and 1988, respectively. On Nov. 21st 2000, it changed its name to the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, which now consists of the Department of International Politics, the Department of Political Science, the Department of Public Administration and the Department of Diplomacy Studies.

The School takes pride in its outstanding faculty. Among them there are excellent scholars renowned at home and abroad, and experienced teachers popular with students. So far, the School has 103 faculty and staff members, including 38 Professors, 26 Associate Professors, 9 Assistant Professors and 30 administrative staff.

At present, the Schoolhas two national key disciplines, one State innovative institute for philosophy and social sciences, two postdoctoral research stations, two doctoral programs for First-level disciplines, six doctoral programs for Second-level Disciplines, two self-established programs, seven masters programs, one professional masters program (MPA) and four undergraduate programs.

The School has been a major player in advanced studies in political sciences, international relations, and public affairs. Its political sciences and international relations was ranked by QS in 2014 as 19th in the universities of the world. Its political sciences was ranked as no.1 in China by the Ministry of Education of China. The School runs a couple of Chinese journals, an English journal (Chinese Political Science Review) and a Palgrave book series (Governing China in the 21 Century). Its faculty members published numerous articles on reputable Chinese and English journals like International Security and Public Administration Review.Its faculty member got the best book award from the International Studies Association.

The School has been active in various aspects of globalization. Most of its young faculty members have a Ph.D. degree from universities in the advanced countries. Professors of the Schoolassume leadership positions of major international academic societies and journals. The School organizes many international conferences, workshops, and lectures each year.It has three English-taught master degree programs and one English-taught Ph.D. degree program. It has double degree master programs with Science Po Paris, Lund University, Gothenburg University, Keio University, Kobe University, and Korea University. There are also many exchange programs with global partner universities. The School started in 2007 to organize the annual international student event, Youth Innovation Competition for Global Governance, and in 2016 hosted the Y20 of G20.

After years of development, the School has been regarded as a successful teaching and research institution, featuring excellent educational programs, outstanding faculty and advanced teaching facilities. It has contributed a great deal to talent cultivation and academic research, earning its reputation nationally and globally, and is ranked top in China in multiple disciplinary and overall rankings.