MCP Program

Master in  Comparative Politics (MCP) is a two-year international master program that  prepares students to familiarize and analyze various polities around the globe  from a comparative perspective. Taught by renowned comparativists and area  specialists from Fudan and possibly other prestigious universities, this program  offers theoretical resources, analytical skills and practical knowledge not only  of Chinese politics, but also of major countries in North and South. Students  are expected to leave the program with cross-national insights on 1) state  organizations and political institutions; 2) political culture; 3) process and  major actors of state governance. This program distinguishes itself by offering  an invaluable research perspective to understand the world from China’s vintage  point and observe how China is interacting with the world. Students of this  program can pursue a variety of potential careers, including doctoral-level  training, national governments, think-tanks, international organizations and  corporations.


FU Scpo Program