Rooted in SIRPA and the renowned Fudan University, Master of Public Management in Chinese Government and Governance (MPM-CGG) is designed for students who wish to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese government and its governing practices. The Master in Chinese Government and Governance combines rigorous academic curriculum and analytical and evidence based skills to equip students and professionals facing real world governance and policy making issues. The program aims to empower students with strategic visions, practical expertise and fundamental theories of public management. With a minor in public management in China, this program holds independent thinking and solid analytical skills on issues of public policy, government operation and civil participation at its core. After two-year study in MPM, Students are expected to be highly proficient in public management theories and practices. They can either pursue future Ph.D. study or work as professional in public and private sectors and non-profit organizations. The program awards a Master Degree of Public Management (MPM).

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