The Master of Public Management comprises coursework, practice and thesis components. The aim of the coursework component is to prepare you to think like a public management professional and to lay the foundations for developing a thesis in this field. Students are introduced to the origins, scope, key concepts and variables, issues, methods, theoretical frameworks, and assumptions that define the discipline of Public Management. You will debate the merits of contradictory perspectives, read the empirical and conceptual literature of the discipline and critique the work of key theorists and researchers. You will design, implement, and critique different public managerial and operational systems.

Degree Requirements: Courses and Grades

(1)A student must satisfy the requirements for the degree that are in force at the time the degree is to be awarded

(2)At least 30 credits must be completed, all required courses and electives finished

(3)All courses ARE numerically graded C and above, or have a grade of Pass ('P') count toward the 30 credit total.

(4)Courses graded LOWER than C do not count towards the 30 credit total.

(5)If a student repeats a non-repeatable class, only one set of credits will be counted toward the 30 credit total.

(6)A minimum cumulative GPA (grade point average) of above 2.0 (2.0 excluded) is required for a graduate degree at the University

Degree Requirement: Procedures, Paperwork and Duration

(1)The student MUST complete all degree requirements within four years. Students who are unable to finish all coursework and graduation requirement within four year timeframe are not eligible for financial aid in any semester of attendance.

(2)The timeframe/clock begins on the first day of the semester that the Graduate Student uses a course to satisfy degree requirements when he/she is coded as a Graduate Student in the program to which he/she is admitted.

(3)Must maintain registration through the end of the semester in which the degree is conferred.

(4)Thesis track students are required to take at least the minimum number of thesis credits.

(5)Thesis Track students are required to submit their thesis to the School as required.

(6)The Master's Degree Request must be filed according to posteddates and deadlines.

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