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Dean, Professor

Chen Zhimin

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The School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) at Fudan University has a long and distinguished history. Founded under the name of the Department of Political Science in 1923, it had experienced the hardest time of our country and witnessed the comprehensive national reconstruction. Then, in 1964, the Department of International Politics was set up to take its place as one of the nation’s Top 3 departments in the specific field. The reform and opening-up have borne witness to the development of disciplines like Political Science and Public Administration which, along with International Relations, have become the pillar disciplines of the school. In 2000, it changed its name to the School of International Relations and Public Affairs. 

 It is a school full of academic vitality and passion. It is young, for it boasts a constellation of talented youths from all over the world. It is dynamic, for the faculty and students have devoted themselves to teaching and research. It is open-minded, for all of its members cherish “academic independence and freedom of thoughts”, just as the alma mater of Fudan University goes. 

It is a school that eyes the top of the world. Its achievements in academic studies and talent cultivation have been highly recognized at home and abroad. In the next four years, we will redouble our efforts on improving the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, promoting the studies of classic readings, adopting the open and interactive methods of teaching, as well as enriching the extracurricular practice, so as to bring up students with theoretical accomplishment and practical skills. Meanwhile, we will follow the domestic and international trends of academic research and take the lead in creating an academic atmosphere imprinted with the characteristics of Fudan University. For this purpose, we will take pains with the internationalized teaching and research by developing the master’s program in English as well as encouraging cross-border cooperation on scientific research and the publishing of papers in international journals. 

What is more, it is a school with a global mindset and determination. As profound changes have taken place in China and the whole world, how to be far-sighted as to clearly appreciate and properly deal with these changes will have a bearing on the sustained development of China and the peace, stability and prosperity of the world in the future. There is no shirking the responsibility for us to dedicate our hard work and studies to the cause. 

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