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The Road To Collaborative Governance In China

Editor Yijia Jing

China has been adopting collaborative governance (CG), the sharing of power and discretion between and within public, private and nonprofit sectors for public purposes, to deal with unprecedented socioeconomic changes and challenges.This book analyzes frontier developments of CG in China in areas such as elderly service delivery, environmental protection, disaster response, and infrastructure building with solid data and up-to-date analytical methods.

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An important, unique, and detailed look at China’s profound transformation through collaborative governance, a policy that might have been called 'public-private partnerships' or even 'privatization' in other settings. Professor Yijia Jing, a rising star in China’s famed Fudan University, brings together Chinese scholars (plus two Westerners in China) to present an impressively wide array of examples of collaborative governance including e-government, construction of national highways, local government services, and care of the elderly. Jing’s powerful introduction is an insightful analysis of the State's deepening engagement with the private and nonprofit sectors of society.

- E. S. Savas, Presidential Professor, Baruch College, City University of New York, USA

Yijia Jing is to be congratulated for bringing together an excellent collection that provides new and valuable insights on public policy creation and implementation in China, using the theoretical framework of collaborative governance. Combining novel empirical case studies with an integrative theoretical framework, this work sheds important light on key areas of public policy in China. A 'must read' for any student of either China or the collaborative governance paradigm.

- Stephen P. Osborne, University of Edinburgh, UK; founder and editor of Public Management Review; and founder of the International Research Society for Public Management

Many know of China's strong state, its entrepreneurs, and rapidly developing economy. Few, however, know that China's local governments are actively embracing collaboration with the private and nonprofit sectors to create public value. This intriguing volume, assembled by Professor Yijia Jing, analyzes initiatives in collaborative governance from Taiwan and Hong Kong to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia; from infrastructure and elderly care services to disaster management and e-government. This book is vital reading for anyone seeking to understand China's distinctive approach to collaborative governance.

- Richard Zeckhauser, Frank P. Ramsey Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University, USA

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