For foreign degree students in the program, the annual tuition is RMB 60,000.


Students supported by Chinese government scholarship will be waived the tuition.

Students may be qualified for Chinese government scholarship and/or Shanghai Government Scholarship. Pleasebrowse the following websites for detailed information:


1.We strongly suggest applicants should apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship while applying for admissions into our doctoral program. The Chinese Government Scholarship are usually not open for applications from current students in the program. Therefore, you are advised to apply for it before coming to China.

2.The applicant should apply online ( as a self-support student first.

3. Application documents for scholarship can be submitted together with admission documents.

4. First get acceptance from the University, then an applicant may have the opportunity to get the scholarship.

5. Fudan University also offers Fudan Student Fellowship annually to second-year and third-year foreign students based on a campus-wide competition. SIRPA also presents Excellence in Study Scholarship and awards to student each year in October. In addition, SIRPA provide financial support for students to participate in international academic conferences and other activities, subject to SIRPA's relevant funding policies.

Accommodation at Fudan Campus

An on-campus International Students Dormitory is available. Please check the website of International Student Office for further information.

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